“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths” – Walt Disney

 To be a curious person means that you are looking for information more in depth that may not be completely obvious to the ordinary person. You have an interest to learn more about a topic and you have a desire to find out more answers. In order to cultivate curiosity, an individual must actually have the desire to learn new material and use that material in the future. Curiosity is the act of wondering about something and thinking about that thing. I have always been curious about a lot of things and tend to look things up that I do not know a lot about. As far as this essay, I became very curious if lowering the drinking age would really make society different. Through all of my research, I have come to the conclusion that if the drinking age was lowered as in other countries, teen wouldn’t have such the urge to go and party because it wouldn’t be against the law. In addition, when these teens do go and party, they will be more aware of what they are doing and the side effects that come along with drinking. Being curious is a good aspect to have because then you’re always thinking about things more in depth and you have a greater knowledge of the world around you in most cases.


Editing Issues

My first draft was pretty rough because I just wanted to have somewhere to start so I had a lot of editing that needed to be done. Currently I am still working on revising my paper because I don’t feel like it is the best possible paper I can write. As for editing problems, I feel like I am having a hard time convincing my audience that lowering the drinking age to 18 will be most beneficial to society. I want to be able to describe the three different views that I wrote about in my Essay 3, but I still need to figure out how to make lowering the drinking age along with making students take a class will have the best outcome. In addition to the convincing aspect of my paper, I feel like I need to analyze what my sources are saying and make my sources sound more creditable. My approach for this will be to critically read through my paper and find where the “They Say” is in my paper and elaborate why that information is important.

My prior revisions seem to have been a success. I completed my grammatical errors and I really looked at my word choice. In addition, I really thought about the structure of my sentences and what would be the most effective way to set up my essay. All in all I think I have the right set up I just need to elaborate on my main points now and really use my convincing side for completing this essay.

Revision Techniques for Essay 4

I was well aware that I had a lot of revising to do on my essay 4. While in class today, I cut up my essay and rearranged my paragraphs in a different order to see if it made more sense to have the paragraph elsewhere. I found that I could rearrange my paragraphs so that I could give my reader more of the background information to really catch their attention. In addition, by putting the more analyzed paragraphs towards the end of the essay, I feel like it will make my reader want to continue reading to the end to see what I finally decide. While revising my essay over the weekend, I incorporated more analysis of how lowering the drinking age could be more beneficial to society and I also used more convincing language to further persuade my reader to agree with me. While I continue to revise my essay I hope that I will be able to show the counterarguments evenly but still make them sound like not a good idea. All in all, I have learned that revising an essay is a process and it takes multiple steps and approaches to come to a well written final draft.

Essay 4 Preping

While preparing to write this essay, I put all of my notes, closed all of the tabs on my computer and put my phone in a different room. I wanted to try just writing without having any interruptions. The only material I had out was my outline. By looking at my outline I figured out what I wanted to accomplish in that paragraph and I just let myself write. This was different than anything I have ever done in the past because for all of my essay prior, I would continue to flip back to my sources to see how I could incorporate what I was trying to say and how I could relate that to what my source was saying. I kind of liked not looking at my sources because then I felt like I could really express what I was trying say. Over-all I think just having my outline out really helped me just to write without thinking about anything else. I didn’t really run into any problems while writing which was nice because I know that I can go back and add more bulk to my paper by inserting my sources and explaining myself more thoroughly.

One major question that I have for my peer review group is how I can further get the reader to believe what I think. I feel like I explain why drinking is bad and explain how society would benefit if the drinking age was lowered by I feel like I am not convincing enough. If my group members could give me some feedback on this, that would be great!

Beliefs, Values, and Attitudes

The attitudes and values that an individual may bring to my paper will vary depending on the age of that person. It seems that many individuals that are of older generations favor having the higher drinking age because they experienced life when the legal age was at 18. Of course, it depends on the experience that that individual went through but through my research many older people agree with keeping a higher drinking age. The older generation seems to value rules and believe that 18 year olds are unsafe. Which is why they believe the law should stay as is and these under aged individuals need to follow the law.

As for the younger generation, they mostly favor lowering the drinking age.  Many 18, 19, and 20 year olds drink and they want it to be legal for their own benefit. Many of these individuals feel that having a lower drinking age will result in a safer society because they will not have to drink at such risky parties.   Many of the younger generation want to have their freedom and express to the world that they can make their own decisions. This explains why these young individuals favor lowering the drinking age because it will give them the opportunity to express how responsible they really are and most of all give them freedom.

It will be hard to address both of these diverse groups because they all have different attitudes and feelings about drinking. The best I can do is probably giving as much evidence and statistics in hope that everyone will really weighs both sides of the argument. I hope to get my reader to really think about the topic and think how society will change whether for the better or not. After really considering both sides, then they can decide for themselves whether they think it will be more beneficial to have a lower drinking age.






I think that it is pretty evident that there is a lot of under aged drinking that occurs, and not just on college campuses. Evidence shows that on a study that was done on 12th graders, one third admitted to being drunk in the past 30 days. People know that drinking can have many side effects, but that doesn’t seem to scare them. Alcohol is the most widely abused drug in the US. In all actuality, drinking is a result of thousands of lives lost annually and countless injuries. Not only can alcohol affect individuals that are not drinking, but it has major effects on one’s body. The liver and the brain take the most damage when an individual drinks and unfortunately when one drinks, they don’t think about what they are putting their body through. The frontal cortex which regulated decision making and judgment is impaired which results in more reckless decisions. The liver, which breaks down the harmful bi-products of alcohol, is more likely to allow more of these dangerous substances into the blood stream. Even though alcohol has many harmful and life threatening side effects, very minimal can be done to stop teens from drinking. I have come to the conclusion that these individuals are going to drink regardless so it will be best to try and inform them as much as possible about the effects and hope they make the right choices.


My Question: How would lowering the drinking age to 18 in the United States affect society and individual’s health?


There are three views that I see mostly emerging throughout my research. The first view that there is that there would be no effect on society. Some people already drinking before it is legal so in general, society or the individual’s health would not decline because they are already drinking. Individuals that agree with this statement would be placed into the Transcendental Value System which values truth and individualism. This group is looking at the facts and being rational about society not changing because this law is broken so often now-a-days.


The second view that I found was that if the age was lowered to 18, society would be a safer place. Currently, individuals that are underage tend to drink in risky and harmful environments because they fear getting caught. If the age was lowered, these people could have parties where they pleased without the risk of being caught and getting a fine or going to jail. The people that think that society will be safer are mostly directed towards the Enlightenment Value System. Individuals that belong to this group value freedom, rationality, and individualism. This makes sense for this group because they would argue that if an 18 year old is old enough to go to war; shouldn’t they be old enough to drink? An individual is an adult as soon as they turn 18 and this is what this group tends to argue.


The third and final view is that society would be more unsafe and an individual’s health would decline. People that believe this tend to think that 18 year olds are still reckless and not able to make their own educated decisions. They believe that there would be more accidents related to drinking and this would also encourage even younger children to start experimenting with alcohol. As for an individual’s health, their health would decline because it would be likely that 18 year olds would drink more because it is technically considered legal. People that believe this would most likely fit into the Progressive Value System who value rationality, reason and think that ignorance, indecision and thoughtlessness are bad.

Which group would you fit into on this subject?